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The Electroencephalogram: What It Is & How It Works

At the Neurological Institute of Los Angeles, we offer a variety of neurodiagnostic testing options for our patients! One of these tests is the Electroencephalogram (EEG). 

The Electroencephalogram is a test that records electrical waves emitted from different lobes, or parts, of the brain. The EEG is useful in determining potential neurological abnormalities such as epilepsy or sleep disorders. Essentially, this test serves to ensure proper functioning of the brain and bring attention to any irregularities. 

To prepare for testing, a technician will attach discs, called electrodes, to the patient’s scalp using a special adhesive substance. We recommend that our patients refrain from using hair products such as mousse or gel before the EEG test, as this can cause difficulties while applying the adhesive. During the test itself, the patient’s only job is to close their eyes, and relax.

Contrary to popular concern, although the EEG does record brain waves, it cannot record our patients’ thoughts! The test is run strictly to determine the regularity of the brain’s electrical activity. Furthermore, the EEG is completely painless as electrodes do not send any medication or electrical shocks to the brain; the electrodes are simply a tool for recording brain activity.


Speak to your physician, or give us a call, to determine if this test is right for you.

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